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Windows 10: Good or Bad?
What is Windows 10? Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest operating system by Microsoft, it was unveiled to the public in September 2014.   Benefits to Windows 10 Microsoft intends Windows 10 to be the last numbered base version of Windows (meaning no 11, 12, etc.) – This means from now on updates will roll out continuously over time much like Apple does with OS X. This will result in less work for the consumer to switch to a new operating system, as well as Microsoft standardizing itself into a service platform (things are somewhat cross compatible, you share data with your..
Inkjet or Laser?
When it comes to buying printers, many customers and businesses face the choice of buying an ink jet or laser printer. Inkjet printers propel little droplets of ink onto paper and are the most common type for personal use. Laser printers use electrostatically charged dots to attract toner (ink powder) that is transferred onto a piece of paper. Both types of printers come with advantages and disadvantages. Print Speed Laser printers have a much faster print speed per page as well as no drying time required, unlike an inkjet printer. An entry laser printers starts at 23 pages per..
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